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Bots taking over ??


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So i was just minding my own business, putting some items for sale, and i just came across this (see pic attached). 

Basically, i'm selling my Spec Ks Original for 2 keys, 19 ref(trying to undercut the other seller) and the bot is selling it for 2 keys, 19.66 ref, but somehow he was above me, usually the lowest price is first, this is how backpack.tf works.

Thinking it was a bug, i reclassified my item for 2 keys and 19.33 ref . And as you can see in the image, its still on second place. Is it a bug? because i'm refreshing the page, but my item is still second. You'd think, well this is no big deal. but think if you're selling an item that is more present on the site, and the bot's classifieds would come up first. I don't know ,you tell me.


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Bots are just another way of trading.  Nobody forcing you to use them but for smaller items bots are doing pretty fine job, fast and nice trading.   :)

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