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So I wanted to promote a new hat I was about to list, but couldnt remember what hats I had already promoted.

Checked my listing - no tags, marks, notes or anything to indicate any was promoted. Just "0 promotion slot(s) available" in upper corner

So thought Id bump each listing till I found one so I could change it - but nothing is showing as promoted or gives option to do anything as "Place and promote(0 slots left)" is grayed out on all

So did a listing search with "show only promoted" and checked 20+ pages till I found 1 of mine, all listings say promoted with small text next to item name in this search - but still no option to change or remove "promote this listing" anywhere..


This is driving me crazy as I dont recall having any issues with this earlier.

Is there a bug or something I dont know about? Or maybe Im just losing my mind..

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10 hours ago, dead mow cinco said:


7 hours ago, Zeus_Junior said:

Like shown by dead mow something

Just add "&promoted=1" to the end of the classifieds link

Thanks, was driving me nuts... must have missed the memo about the change. Pretty sure I had the option every time I clicked the re-list/bump link


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