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Can someone make a suggestion for this hat?


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Yeah, so I recently bought a Bonzo Connoisseur's cap from DedAndrei since I'm collecting unusuals for all classes, and growing the value of my backpack at the same time. Since I'm too lazy and the trade included some of the taunts with  new effects, may someone create a price suggestion instead of me? I saw someone else do this before and yes, I can pay you about 20 ref? 


If you have enough time to do so, here are the two sales of the connoisseur's cap so you don't have to do research (except the minis):


Sale 1:





Sold for a Ancient Codes Captain Space Mann (71.5) + Abduction Phononaut (32.5) + Screaming Tiger Burstchester (12.5) = 116.5 keys (Without minis)


Sale 2:





Bought this for Frostbite Reggaelator (90) + Ded Pres. Kabuto (21) + Terror-Watt Whirly Warrior (28) + 4 keys + 32 ref + Pro Ks Brass Beast + Pro. Ks Wrench + Pro Ks Vaccinator + Pro Ks Rescue Ranger + ...


Ok basically everything I lost in my side of the trade except for the GE Neckwear, Double-Cross comm, All-Father, Trickster's Turnout, Cool Cat cardigan, Strange Lady Killer. If you have time to calcualte it for yourself, I will pay you 20 ref no joke



Edit: To anyone who does it, give me proof with a trade offer for the refined


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