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Why Is tf2conomy looks similiar to german economy after ww1 and what to do about it

Robert Von Küpper

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So some days ago the key price skyrocketed and now ref has becomed useless in price.But there is 1 question what will gonna fix this issue i think the christmass update wont.For the new traders the trading will be harder.or even they wont trade.We need an update that will fix this becouse the current situation is worser than ever.Personaly i want new crafting plans that will appear monthly but after that month it will disapear.i know the item price will drop but i think this is better for new traders. God Bless you have a good day

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On 11/4/2018 at 12:57 AM, Scott Bakula said:

"Traditional reminder that the value of keys is not going up, it is the value of refined that is going down"

Wait, you broke my brain

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