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Buy order postings not working

Loafen Oakenfold

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Apologies if there is another post on this topic - I had a quick search and didn't see anything related to my issue. I have enough keys and refined in my backpack to make various buy orders, and when I make them everything in my classifieds section seems normal. For example, I have a buy order for a Steaming Large Luchadore at 9.2 keys (9 keys, 8 refined), but if I look at the stats on any of the items where I should have a buy order (including the Steaming Large Luchadore), my order doesn't show up. I assume it's a coding issue, but maybe I'm doing something wrong. Thanks for the help!

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I've got something different but related, my existing buy listings are explicitly shown as hidden because "Not enough currency", even though I do have enough keys for that buy order.    Hopefully just a glitch with the latest update.

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