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Trust system: Thoughts, rant and suggestion


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Good day backpack.tf users. 


You may have noticed that the new trust system has been implemented. It has been here for a while and I have some thoughts about it.

Now, this is my personal opinion, so if you feel offended by it, please either ignore it and move on, or make a big deal about it.


There are pros and cons about the system.

The pros

  • The pros are, that this "replaces" the reputation system found in the Team Fortress 2 trading community. I will not say directly replaces, because saying "+rep" on a steam profile is the more dominate way of reputation. 
  • It shows how much the community trusts you. Simple said, yes.


The cons

  • Easy to gain trust with friends. 
  • For the record, if this trust system "needs" to work, it should be mentioned/used more often. I personally feel the word need to spread out a bit more, before it can take effect. 
  • Not able to report useless comments. (Honestly, do this at least)

Now, I may or may not miss other things regarding this, but I would like to rant and conclude this.


The trust systems has some examples on what comments should be like, such as:

"I have done multiple transactions involving real world money with Randolph. Somewhere betweek 3k and 5k recently. A+"


Fair enough. Good example. 

People do not always follow the guidelines and post whatever they want.

Take Mr. Bucket's trust comments as an example: http://i.imgur.com/8kvXk8K.png


I mean, those have been there for 5 - 7+ days and not deleted? What kind of sense it is?

Even backpack.tf refers what comments should not be like, such as:

"I don't like Fiskie. Also, I'm allergic to cats. - Has nothing to do with trading!"

Those 4 comments does not have anything to do with trading. I may be wrong with some of them, but take a good honest look at other trust comments at other people and you may understand where I am going with this.

I understood the trust system to be like this: "Did a nice trade with this guy, was very polite and friendly towards me. A+"


"Hes a boob"


My conclusion to this, leads to my suggestion.

Create a report button for the comments. Yes, the moderators have the right to delete the comments, but really.. if it takes 5 - 7+ days until they will delete a comment, something is not right. If you the trust system to be taken seriously, make it serious.



My thoughts about it and fix the trust system by adding a report comment button. 


Thank you for reading, understanding and wondering.

- Soldier Gibus. 


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(Nearly) all of Mr. Buckets first trust comments were a joke, and so people joked on his wall as well (because mr bucket is a troll). And as you noticed this doenst look good to outsiders and he stopped with that already.

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Would be nice to have a reply function for negatives, to answer UMAD posts like this:



Guy proposed a trade, traded, changed his mind, offered a rec to trade back, and is mad that I won't refund the rec. 


I don't need the negative removed, I can destroy him in-place. Just give me the tools.

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