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dumb concept art for a hat like infinite's helmet(?)

Prince Cloud


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Its tf2 related and not dealing with economy and trades, right?

Infinite is from sonic forces, yes that game that is just mediocre or average compared to mania.

Not gonna lie, kinda liked infinite's design. shame he didn't end up being tails or like some other version of him eggman somehow captured.

 I regret making the eyes as big as they are....






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is there any explaining for this?

just, wow. i dont feel the need to criticize but i also dont feel the need to fall for bait so..

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I'm not going to be a toxic little shit  like the other posters are.

The biggest problem with your design is that no one would want it in-game, due to the negative stigma for furries and sonic.

Second, you should probably make it into a workshop hat if you'd like it to work. Here's a guide to making hats:


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