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Newby questions about trading.


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Hi everyone,


I feel a bit weird posting two threads in a row, I don't want to monopolize the forum but meh... ^^'


I've been wondering lately, how much time does it takes to sell things? I'm aware that it takes a long time and it's very hard but... I had no trade offers for a month now... 😕

Here you can find my pricelist : http://www.trade.tf/user/mybot/trades/76561198118983738

I advertise on outpost, backpack, bazaar, on trade servers,... but don't seem to find any buyers.


Are my price too high/"low"? Is there a bug that makes trade offer unable to reach me? Something else?

Any tips for a newbie like me?^^


Note that I know how to make an offer and the basics of advertisment but I obviously lack of something else.


Thanks in advance for your answers.

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I mean, offering to buy reinforced robot bomb stabilizers for free is practically begging for them...


edit: those cosmetic cases are not worth a scrap each, people don't really buy weapons for a scrap each anymore with the popularity of sites like scrap.tf that just let you swap for whatever.  you can't even see what skin the wrench is of, I don't use trade.tf these days so I dunno if there's a quick/easy way to check, but I doubt it'll sell like that


there are two bots selling decal tools at your buy price in the bp.tf classifieds so your buy order is kinda pointless

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2 minutes ago, Le-Sten said:

But why don't my bot buy these automatically then??

as I said before, I don't use trade.tf much, but is that even a bot doing trades for you on trade.tf?  I thought those were just regular listings

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Well, I think it's more like a "checking" agent, doing the basic prechecks and sending you the offers... Never seen it actually work though...

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