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New To This, I Need Help


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ok so, im new to backpacktf and and dont really know how to trade, i know you need to search for the item and all that but everything is a bot, i dont even know what the price of a scrap,reclaimed or refined metal, and i realized that if you mess up in one of those trades its your fault, i have already lost 7.88? (i dont know) to a bot and i just need to know the basics

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So basically, on the home page, you can see that one refined metal has a value of about $0.05.

There is no point in putting a price on scrap and reclaimed, as it would be fractions of cents and pointless to do so. 


Now, say I want to buy a hat, e.g. a Prehistoric Pullover.

This is what the search option gives me:



I now have a few options. I can either do the top trade, with the blue arrows and haggle over the price (depending on the base price of the item, for this I'd say within 1-2 ref). This trade will not be automatic and will likely take time to be completed.

The green arrows,  sold by Daniel, means that only trades with the price listed (12.33 ref) should be sent. Again, the trade will not be automatic and it will take time to be completed.

The third option would be to pay a bit extra and use the bot (the lightning bolt). You should send exactly the value as listed, and the trade will be completed instantly and automatically, assuming you have mobile authenticator and nothing goes wrong.


Now, how do we get 12.44 ref? For trading, it helps if you think of scrap and reclaimed as fractions of refined, not as seperate elements. For instance, 1 reclaimed is equal to 0.33 refined metal, and 1 scrap is equal to 0.11 refined metal.

So, for 12.44 ref, we need to add 12 refined pure, 1 reclaimed pure, and 1 scrap pure. You click send on the trade, head over to authenticator and verify it, and wham! It should be accepted rather quickly. 


You need to make sure that (when trading with bots at least) you absolutely send only the amount verified. 


If you have any other questions just let me know!

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