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PC for TF2?


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I'd like to get a new PC that can run TF2 at high frames while recording with decent graphics.

My current PC was $600 6 years ago, so it gets low frames on the lowest settings while not recording. It doesn't have a graphics card or anything.

I don't want to build anything, mostly because I would have no idea what to do if something went wrong.

I have 0 technical savvyness. 

What should I get?

Budget isn't an exact number, mostly because I have no idea how much I'd need to spend to get what I want.

The less money the better, so long as it accomplishes everything I want it to do.


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After a lot of help from same2me, (big time shoutout, a true homie) I'm considering either:




Let me know what y'all think of these two


same2me said:

cyberpower one has the best resale value down the line


i like nvidia because i'm interested in recording and that seems good for recording (that would be the Archangel)

i like spending $100 less

i don't play any games more hardcore than TF2 and maybe CS:GO


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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