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Unusual Pricing Event Results!

Teeny Tiny Cat

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It's been a really impressive week from all our teams, who for the most part have put a huge amount of work into teaching, learning, and making suggestions. We've had over 1000 suggestions submitted over the course of the event, with 700+ items updated! Although some teams scored a lot more points than others, we were incredibly impressed with the way the majority of teams worked together and the enthusiasm that most of you put into the event. 


Without further ado, the results...


First Place - $200 marketplace.tf credit and winners badge on backpack.tf profile


With an absolutely amazing number of suggestions submitted and very few errors made, Team 9 are our winners for this event! Led by the beast that is Burny | Happysedits you guys absolutely worked your socks off. You all put in an incredible amount of time and effort, and it shows. Nobody else came close to you guys, it was a really impressive job from all of you and I hope you're proud!


Second Place - $150 marketplace.tf credit and runners up badge on backpack.tf profile


Second place was a closer race, but the eventual winners were Team 5! You guys, again, worked really well together and more experienced members all played a role in helping and teaching less experienced teammates which was really lovely to see. You, like other teams, didn't always have the best availability from all team members, but you made it work and you thoroughly deserve to be in second place.


Mod's Choice - $100 marketplace.tf credit and mod's choice badge on backpack.tf profile


Although we debated on this a little, most mods easily agreed that Team 6 deserved mod's choice. You were so close to second place behind team 5, and you managed to do it with a team composition from different regions and timezones with sometimes limited availability. Not only that, but you were one of few teams to lose 0 points to closed suggestions; to submit that number without any glaring errors is impressive to say the least.


MVP - $50 marketplace.tf credit and MVP badge on backpack.tf profile


He's won it before, and he's winning it again; Burny | Happysedits was once again an absolute beast, putting in 10+ hours per day and being available non-stop in voice and text chat to lead his team. Not only that, but his accuracy and quality of suggestions has improved significantly since previous events, even with the sheer number of suggestions they were making, and it would be completely unfair to award this prize to anyone but him. 




Every participant in the event will receive 1 month of premium applied to their account and a participation badge on their backpack.tf profile. All teams will also receive donation credit on their account at $0.10 per point. 


Team Point Totals:


Team 9 196
Team 5 145
Team 6 137
Team 2 85
Team 3 58
Team 4 51
Team 1 39
Team 7 15
Team 8 1




Although it was a varied event for some, overall I think everyone did a really fantastic job. I want to say a huge thank you to every user who participated and infused the event with their energy and enthusiasm. I also want to thank the price mod team, without whom the event would be absolutely impossible to run. Last but not least I want to thank our wonderful owners, geel and jesse, who have generously agreed to provide all the prize funds. 


I know not everyone got the most active teammates, but I hope that doesn't discourage anyone from joining future events. We have some plans in mind to ensure that we spread the activity and experience up a bit more evenly in future, so watch this space. Thanks again to suggesters, users, and price mods for the enormous contribution you have all made to the site in the last week and a half. It wouldn't be running without you!




Note: Premium/donation and badges will be applied as soon as I have time, will try to apply all tonight. For our prize-winning teams, please decide among you how you would like your marketplace credit split within your team and then ping me in your channel when you have decided. 

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I also want to commend teams 5 and 9 in particular for pricing a lot of unusual weapons this event - something which has remained tricky business for a long time. Many thanks to Geel as well for providing the necessary inside knowledge to make this possible, and to aforementioned teams 5 and 9 (and everyone else that priced them) for putting it to use!

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Holy hell, we had some fun doing this.

Will definitely be doing this again, but maybe someone else should do the designated suggestor in me team :P

I'm more of an enthusiastic one and I can definitely grind me socks off like Burny did.


Anyway congrats y'all, enjoy the day!

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