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Making SFM posters for TF2 for 3 REF for one class


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Your Request's info :
Classes :
(Optional) Team Color : 
Loadouts : 
Poses : (TF2 animations or you can send a pic for an example)
(Optional) Map : (You can ask for a custom map if you like to)

Prices :
3 REF for one class
5 REF for two classes
6 REF for three classes
Add an additional REF for each class added that's more than three classes.

Example :
For a friend of mine.

You can also look at my Steam profile for more artworks.

How to join the queue :
Just leave a post here, and I'll do the SFM requests in order.

Note to know:
I will put a huge watermark just to preview the poster before I give you the one without a watermark, just so that I know you won't scam me.

Let the requests, begin!

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Stormy Storm Company Man (No paint, along with the scout headset.)

Track Terrorizer


Him killing preferably a spy, or a sniper.

Thank you.

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Hats:1The Brotherhood of arms
2The Triggermans tacticals
3villans veil
Guns:Festive sniper rifle(in hands)
The Shooting Stars(on the back left)
The AWPer(on the back right)
The Frying pan(In the waist left)
Festive SMG(In the waist right)
Pose:Sniper rifle taunt

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Anger - After Eight

Cammy Jammies

Conspicous Camouflage 

Cozy Camper

Carbonado Botkiller Sniper Rifle 


Aiming on engie with gibus. 


Map :






Frenchman´s Berret

Noh Mercy

Chicago Overcoat 

Taunt : Luxury lounge 




Taunt : Killer Solo



Spook Specs - Color No. 216-190-216

Bruiser´s Bandana - Color No. 216-190-216

Classified Coif 

Taunt : Fubar fanfare 


Pose : 

Just standing in a row. 

Map : 

Badlands Middle


Thanks    ❤️

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I'll be closing this post, thought I could do it, but I can't, really.

I'll still do the posters for the ones that posted in here.

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