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I Need Help With Price Suggestion

Reclaimer Shawn

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I bought an Unusual Cool  Bamboo Brushed War Paint for 40 keys on backpack.tf. I turned it into a Rocket Launcher. Every time I go to suggest a price, backpack.tf always tells me something went wrong. Considering it can no longer be turned into any Unusual item, I think it's safe to say the item is worth around 35-39 keys. I'd like the item in my inventory to have a price instead of remaining priceless. What can I do with the price suggestion glitching for me? Also, I'll post proofs for the item's worth below.

Current Selling Price.png

My Trade pt 1.png

My Trade pt 2.png

What original war paint sold for on market.png


I wasn't able to upload the last picture, so I'll upload it via imgur.




This is the item in question I want priced:




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well you cant have it priced unless there's been sales on this item.i dont know if anyone has this exact item and has traded it away but lets wait for answers.if there is no sales,your item will be unpriced.just keep selling it aand get some offers

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Considering you paid 40 for the wwrpaint you won't be able to use that sale on the suggestion. Since it is now a rocket launcher 

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