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Trades not going through?


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I'm new here, I tried to make a few trades and none of them is going through... I'm not sure if I was just late and someone grabbed the item before I did, but I tried 3-4 times and it never worked so it make me wonder if I'm doing it wrong.

Basically I search for the item I want, the sellers are asking 1.33, I send the trade offer for that amount, I confirm it by email, and... Nothing. 
Same story about the same item (a cheap hat), with 3-4 different sellers. Some of these trades listings had been bumped very recently when I sent the trade offer too, so they still had the item, yet they don't accept the trades. Is this common? Or am I doing something wrong?

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https://steamcommunity.com/id/me/tradeoffers/sent/ check your sent offers here.

I assume you might have a trade hold (don't have steam mobile auth), because you say you confirm in your email. The bots/users are likely declining your trades because they don't want to wait 15 days to get their items. 

It could also just be they haven't responded yet. That link can help.

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