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Good Trade Servers


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Hey there ive recently gotten back into trading and im looking for any trade servers for newer traders. Eg: A trade server without Unusual Trading. Any help is appreciated!

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I trade from US-East, so my recommendations only really work for this region.

For General Trading, I recommend Skial East.

For Unusual Trading, I recommend Firepowered or Vatican.

These servers are usually brimming with traders, so you'll find lots of offers if you are selling something decent or even just ask to trade.

I prefer Firepowered over Vatican for unusuals because the chat isn't spammed with unusual quick buyers. Also, if you wanna qbuy, Vatican is the spot. Skial usually has a handful of unusual traders, but the odds of finding decent hats is much lower than on the other two. Regardless, Skial is my go to server for trading(I prefer low tier trading to unusual trading)

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