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Can't sign in to backpack.tf


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So i've been ignoring this issue for almost a week now. I can't seem to sign in to backpack.tf. I'm currently logged in to other trading sites, but everytime i try here it doesnt work.


I'm only making this now because i just realised that i can't make any listings for my items. I've already been to the discord and noone there could help me.


Is there anyone who knows what to do?



Edit (apr. 3, 2018): My problem is now fixed. I think the only thing we can do when this happen is wait. 

Goodluck and happy trading :)


Edit (apr. 4, 2018): im signed out and can't sogn in again. I'm not even gonna try anymore.

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Ive tried that too but it still wasn't fix.


But I'm signed in now and i think the problem just fixed itself. After a week.

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7 hours ago, jackinthewack said:

im having the same problem 

I dont think we can do anything but wait it out. It seem to fix itself over time. Have a nice day :)

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