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What does the little white star with all the points mean, when im looking at unusual items?

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So I was looking at some Unusual Platinum Pickelhaubs and I know the red triangle means its old and the price is wierd. But some of them have a little white star in the corner of the Icon instead. What does it mean? Non of them were listed to have a value in keys. And there was only 1 in existence for the ones with stars as well. But there are also ones with just the price warnng triangles with only 1 in existence, and they still had a value in keys present. Does it mean there in banned accounts?

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due to some sort of bug white star with it's original meaning only shows correctly in latest changes tab


white star there means item is priced for the first time (so green arrow meaning price raise and red arrow meaning price drop doesn't apply there)


however if you go to the stats page of one of those hats you can see that first price always shows green raise arrow which could be an unreported bug



those white stars in unusual pricelist are shown on every unpriced item (one that never had any suggestion accepted for it)

to be honest i'm not sure why those are even on those unpriced items, i have never seen anybody asking for meaning of those stars



i'm not even sure if somebody reported that to developers

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