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Bp.tf Be trippy


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Any bp.tf admins can you please fix this bug?  Im looking at my bp and it says that I have a Professional Killstreak Rust Botkiller Minigun but bp.tf says that it is a specialized killstreak minigun.  Can someone please fix this so I can sell it at Professional killstreak price?  Ty

Here is my profile so you can see the bug: 


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Backpack.tf isn't glitched, it is your Botkiller that is glitched.


Killstreak tiers are actually stored in the "Killstreaks Active" attribute which bp.tf doesn't show you. But Specialized Killstreak items have this value set to 2, while Professional Killstreak items have this value set to 3.


Backpack.tf was showing it as a Specialized item because your item was glitched so the value was incorrectly set to 2 instead of 3. However Steam and TF2 seem to have some sort of override (likely part of the Killstreaker effect attribute) which still show such items as being Professional despite the incorrect value.


Anyhow it looks like you sold it for 8 keys and the person who brought it is now selling it for 20 keys based on it's glitched nature.

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