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How to Get Steam Login on a website


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First if this is the wrong place to ask my question i am sorry i dont post on the forums very often


I am wanting to Create a webstie that i can use for my tf2 bots and wandering how to get the steam OpenID login on the site and able to use it to login to access certain parts + get steamID for the Database for it and other steam info


What i have got so far:

1. Lots of Time so i can start learning new things

2. Some knowledge on js html and css

3. I created my own steam bots in js so i got a good idea of that i am trying to get from the login

4.  I Have a SteamAPIKey


What i am Needing:

 Website / OpenID

how to create the login 

Which Languages i need to know for the login



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1 hour ago, Lonster_Monster said:

Can i use that to get SteamId and Online info and able to take the steamId and put it in a database for bot bots to use in no sql?

Yes this will create a session id which you can insert into any databse.

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