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Help me create a price suggestion for Steam Community Market sales?


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Hi, I'm pretty new to creating price suggestions so I need your help.


I sold a 1/1 Amaranthine Field Practice on SCM. Should I use the price of sale ($160) or the money I received after 15% commission by Valve? Moreover, do I use the standard $1.90/key (marketplace price), $2.45/key (Steam price before commission), or $2.08/key (Steam price after commission) to convert that into keys? 


Hell, does bp even accept SCM as proof because I've never seen any suggestions citing it as proof.

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Steam Community Market Sales

  • For each SCM sale, please provide proof (screenshot) that the hat of that particular effect sold for the said price.
  • To determine a trade value, you should take in consideration ONLY what the buyer paid. Take the sale value divided by the value of keys AT THE TIME. 


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