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backpack.tf calculator is broken, and i'm sick of it.

Edolf Hatler was ok

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I don't know what to do anymore. This hasn't happened to any of my friends or anyone else i know, just me. Whenever i go to backpack.tf/calculator, i'm always there for 1 reason. To quickly copy and paste the trade chat into the import chat section.

Whenever i do this, instead of the calculator listing items below, it tells me that the prices are n/a for both me and the other person..... it doesn't recognize the items...every. single. TIME. I can't think of a reason as to why this is happening, but if this issue can't be resolved

from the forums...I am going to get premium on bp.tf, try again, and if it doesn't work i'm going to contact you guys directly. This is ridiculous. It used to work for me a couple of years ago, on my other account when i was trading. But now its completely fucked and frankly im 

tired of it. And also, it doesn't say anywhere that Premium is supposed to fix this, unless the rules changed since the last time I used calculator.



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