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Report Comments?


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I'm sorry if this is already a topic, the search function sucks on this forum :(


What are your opinions on a button to report comments on suggestions? Instead of the simple dislike for spammy/phishing link/completely irrelevant comments, why not add a report function, where mods can hide these sort of comments? And don't say "more work for the mods" when they have a few excellent candidates for mod positions already and haven't accepted anyone recently ;_;

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No, people would get butthurt to legitimate counterproof/criticism and abuse the report system. Besides, it doesn't even matter since they have to open the suggestion to accept and sees comment to see if they're warnable or not. (If you're taking about the site)


In the forums, there is a report button.


And yes, would put more work for the mods as if it isn't enough for moderating classifieds, accepting hundreds of price suggestions, and moderating the forums as well.

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