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Any clue on unusual skins and their worth?


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Wondering if anyone knows a rough range of what this would be worth

Pina Polished Scattergun (MW) Isotope



Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys

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The first thing that determines the price is the effect. In order (from what I've seen to be) most to least preferred:

1. Isotope

2. Energy orb

3. Cool / Hot


Secondly, is it strange? If yes you can easily up the price by a bit, be reasonable though. Don't jump the price 100+ keys over this if it isn't factory new or elite.


Thirdly, some the wear. Sometimes people (such as myself) don't really care about the wear. They'll pay top notch for factory new, otherwise, they couldn't care what the wear is.


Lastly the skin. Can't speak a whole lot for this. Besides the fact that their rarity does coincide with the skin's rarity (aka assassin or mercenary). I have seen elite grade items pull an absurd amount before, so you never know.


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