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What if you cannot make profit in tf2?


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This question will appeal mostly on high-tier traders or people with a smaller budget that trade looking for profit. 
Ok so...

Imagine that for some reason either:

-Valve makes tf2 items not tradable anymore.
-All of your items value decrease to the point they worth just 1 unique weapon.
-You got scammed and lost all of your most valuable items except cheap hats and the unique weapons.
-If you think you are smart enough to not be scammed then imagine that you lost your account (A.K.A someone hacked your account).

Thing is that either you lost all of your most valuable items (The ones you are looking to sell to make profit from it) or they cannot be tradable anymore, and no matter what you do you cannot make profit from anything in tf2.
So the question is: Would you be happy with the items you have right now in your inventory?

In my case at least, Yeah. I got kinda my dream unusual, not the effect I was looking for but if I have to stay with it then I can´t complaing, and then everything else in my backpack are things that I always use. 

So, what about you? Would you be ok with it? or would you be pissed, salty, quit the game etc...

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If my items went untradeable I would be a bit salty at first, but at the end of the day I trade up for nice items, not for their real world value.


You'd best believe if I got scammed or hijacked I'd flip the fuck out.

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If items became untradable I'd have two core regrets:


1) I'd be forever stuck in 2nd place for the largest single effect collection

2) I never got around to finishing off my strange weapon collection


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I'd be pretty unhappy if all my items became untradeable tbh. Those things are my emergency funds. Even if it's only a few hundred.

All things considered, though, I'm pretty happy with where I'm at regarding my backpack. Only other thing I'd want that I don't already have is some nice demoman hat, but I'm all good aside from that.

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I wouldn't care really, I've cashed out over $2500 already over the last 4 years, so anything left is small enough to not bother me much. However, I'd still like to get another $400 out of my account and that is generally why I never hold onto items I'm trading to increase profits, to avoid any issues with large decreases in value or a potential economy crash. I do the same with my stocks and mutual funds and it's never done me wrong. 

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