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Broken price for strange unusual

Busy Earnin

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I have one strange unusual with some parts(Strange Disco Beat Down Trencher's Topper), but my inventory shows price for unique one(20 keys). Is this a bug or feature?

Also, can i use my "sell orders" listening for display a correct price? Like сreate one with a postscript "Not for sale" and put the price in 23-25 keys. I didnt find info about it in bp.tf rules :/

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5 minutes ago, NetherResonant said:

Once that strange variant is priced, it'll be fixed.

The strange variant will not get a separate price for the Trencher's Topper as a strangifier exists:

http://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/440/Trencher's Topper Strangifier


If a hat can become strange with a strangifier, then it can't get priced separately to normal ones.

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As Jarool has more or less already outlined, given that the Trencher's Topper has a strangifier, the strange property on this unusual is not seen as adding any value.

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