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Vintage Max's Severed heads...

Purple Potato

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So I was looking around some backpacks and saw this one guy who had a Vintage Max's Severed head priced at 700 and I went to check out the classifieds.. I see someone selling for 200 keys and 250 keys. The one thing that is funny is they are selling the same hat (i.e. it was duped and has the same ID) Since the Non-duped one is priced at 700 keys, couldn't you buy both of them for 550 pure (maybe cheaper) and delete one of them so that there would only be one and it wouldn't be duped  anymore since there would only be one and make it worth 700? (theoretically)

Opinions down below please :D

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1 minute ago, TheWiz said:

Pretty sure it was duped more than once, so buying two wouldn't make it to be just one left.

Ah then this wouldn't work..

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3 hours ago, Purple Potato said:

But there would only be one left.


It doesn't check if there's a hat with the same ID in existence today, it checks for an inconsistency in sequential item IDs.  

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The vintage maxes in question (level 48 and 81) have been duped over 100 times each (not exaggerating).  There are also accounts that have 10 vintage maxes of each of these in their inventory. It will never work with these vintages. 

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