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Item Statistics Page Needs Major Update.

James Baxter

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Earlier this year, Stats.tf was deleted so that the only thing people needed for Statistics on TF2 Items could be found on Backpack.tf's page for it. The issue with this is that, compared to Stats.tf, the Backpack.tf stat page is god awful and lacks so many basic functions and features that it's basically useless. Here's everything that got lost from the transfer from Stats.tf to the terrible backpack.tf page


- Can't look under one general page for weapons. Instead, all of the weapons are broken up into tiny subsections that are just a nuisance. Instead of just a "Weapons" category, there's Primary, Secondary, Melee, PDA 1, PDA 2, Building, and Utility. I don't even know what the Utility thing was. Stats.tf had this.


- Can't filter ANYTHING. The only search feature on this page is a search bar that helps you find a very, very, very specific item. If you want to filter out Stranges or look only for Halloween items, or anything of the sort, you are out of luck. It is the most bare-bones, lazy search filter I have ever seen on any site. Sure you can search the item and click on it to get what you're looking for but the point still stands that this search feature is unacceptably empty. 


- No Tool/Currency Items There currently exists no stats for usable tool items in the game, including paints, keys, name/description tags, crates, metal, giftapults, and so on. You can find statistics on broken, bugged items with apparently 0 copies of it in the game, but god forbid you try and find the amount of Lime paint in the game.


- No sorting option. You can't sort items by name, or by the most copies in the game, or by the least copies in the game, or anything of the sort. The items aren't even organized themselves. Their just plastered all over the page with little rhyme or reason. It's almost impossible to find anything without using the stripped-down search option. 


And that's just the big, big issues. Now if you're wondering why a nerd like me wants this page fixed up, I run a trading bot thanks to the good people over at bot.tf. I would like to have these search options and filter options because knowing how many of an item of a specific quality is in a game, and knowing which items are the most common in game, help me to make trades for my bot and set up banking systems for the items.


Let's say that I want to know which strange items I should bank for first, based on the amount of said stranges in game. On Stats.tf, I could click a few search options and find what I was looking for and be done in 10 minutes. On this page, I would need to open up all 6 weapon pages, click on each individual item, write down the number of stranges in game, and then try to organize it either on paper or in a spreadsheet, and I think this is so ridiculously difficult, especially considering that we already had a functioning system that was deleted for no reason at all.


Bottom line, the stats page needs a fix. 


https://backpack.tf/stats <--- Stats Page. You'll see what I'm talking about.

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