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Will make SFM Posters for ref!

Dragon Axon

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Hello! Thanks for clicking this wonderful forum post! :D

Prices for SFM posters are as follows:


1-3 Ref: Standard Poster, No editing, No Background Blur


4-6 Ref: Standard Poster, No editing, Background Blur


7-9 Ref: Advanced Poster, Editing, Background Blur


10+ Ref: Advanced Poster,  Editing, Background Blur, Featured on DeviantArt


The reason why I have the person choose the price is because that gives the commissioner freedom to choose their quality and type of poster.


The layout of commissions are as follows:

( * = Optional; * = Depends on if it's TF2)


Character/TF2 Class:








Extra Info*:




Examples of my art can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/DragonAxon/images/


Thanks for reading! I can not wait to work on your commissions! :D


Also no NSFW please.

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