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Pricelist Spreadsheet and Item Information


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Ok so I don't know about the rest of you guys but I primarily use the Spreadsheet variation of the pricelist and not the Picture one. Before the big update it was possible to hover over the price of an item and you would be able to see the "Item Information" that included the price from all different websites, description, and then the ability to sell one if you had it, look at the classifieds, search outpost, search bazaar, and then the additional links. You can still do this, but you need to do it from your Inventory screen not from the pricelist pages as you once were able to do.


My suggestion is just that, make it so you can acess the "Item Information" popup from the pricelist spreadsheet screen again. It was very usefull for looking up the price of an item and then just clicking a link to search it up on Outpost, I miss this functionality and I think some of you do too.

Thanks for reading. Hope it happens :)


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