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tf2 Tattoo

Mr Furley

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If you got one what would you get...and would your future self regret it? Id get something pyro, maybe his overhead raise of the flamethrower.

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Just the logo. Plain and simple.


Probably would regret it, it's a good game but not one I want to show off that I played for the rest of my life.

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48 minutes ago, FishtheFish said:

Perhaps a half and half tf logo/overwatch logo to trigger people. :^)


Has FishtheFish gone too far!? 

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hands down would never regret it

spy with the dead head on, ausi amby raised to mouth blowing away the smoke from a recently fired shot and wearing a harmburg in the foreground, the other classes grouped in tight all with primary ausis equipped 

ya, i've thought about it. prolly gettin it done too in the near future :)

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