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So i was thinking about how you can inspect skins in Marketplace.tf and Scrap.tf before buying a weapon with a link of steam or something that opens an in-game inspectation of the weapon you selected in there, because i bought a Lighning Rod Shotgun Factory New but the disign wasn't perfect and it had a really ugly patch, i didn't like it so i sold it, sadly. Maye Backpack can do it with skins or the user can enable that option somehow to make the some skins worth it to buy because you can see them how they are in-game.   :)

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Alternatively, you could inspect it from the steam inventory of the person you're considering buying from. Most non-bot accounts will only have one of a certain skin, maybe two.

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You can inspect items in game by visiting item in persions steam bp, but I guess this suggestion could be helpful I guess.



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