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I wasted a lot of my time making a suggestion for a hat that my bp isn't large enough to update... Anyone wanna check my suggestion/use it yourself?


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Ok so the hat is a Purple Energy Virtual Viewfinder

So many minis, took me quite a while

Sale 1

1150+40=1190, rounding to 1200

No B/O

Final price: 

1200+100 keys is 1300, fits the B/O.


Sale 2

Mini for Yellow Belt:

Mini for Snaggletooth: 

Mini for Beret:

21.5-7 is 14.5, capping at 13 because of aged seller

Capping amassment at 30 because of aged seller, 30+13 is 43

Capping the Yellow Belt at 39 because of aged seller


Mini for Hat of Cards:

Mini for Infernal Smoke Taunt: Deep Fried Desire:

15+84+2 is 101, rounding to 100



Mini for Mohawk:

Mini for Rack:

I'm not going to bother finding a mini for the taunt as I'm capping at 20 because of aged seller

Final price for the Rack: 20+98 is 118, rounding to 120



Mini for Brainiac:

Mini for Salty Dog:

Capping Hive at 40 because of aged seller, ends up being 40+197.5=237.5 (rounding to 240)

240+10 is 250, matches the B/O


Mini for Pullover:

Mini for Luchadore:

Sold with a key, making it 20.

Price for the Pullover: 20+36+70 is 126, rounding to 125.


Final price for the Anti-Freeze Mohawk:


Rounding to 700


Mini for Killer Exclusive:

Mini for Brotherhood:

Couldn't find usable minis for the HOC or the Muffs, ends up being 1150-110-265=775


Capping the KE sale at 620 because of B/O


Final Price

The final price for the Viewfinder is 100+700+620, which is 1420

1420-10-39=1371, rounding to 1370

Final range: 1300-1370

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