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Need Help With Bp.tf Automatic

Eazy Peazy Squeezy Lemons

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I recently installed this and It won't automatically confirm my trades. I "accepts" the trade and then I have to manually confirm the trade. Wojciech has told me to have a look at some numbers like sentry etc. We noticed I didn't have a Identity_Secret Number and to find it I need to get it off my authenticator. I'm currently using Bluestacks which is a type of Desktop authenticator. So If anyone can help me find and enter that number I'd be pleased.



P.S I'm not technically minded so I suck at most technical things.

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Is it possible on desktop authenticator. Just curious. I don't read instructions 

Yes, first remove encryption while in SDA, then open (file path)\SDA1.0.7.2\maFiles\steamID64.maFile with a text editor. Just Ctrl+F for ,"identity_secret":" and then the string next to it is your identity secret.


root browser > data > data > com.valvesoftware.android.steam.community> files > Steamguard- 'steamid'

This was patched, the only way that I know of to find the identity secret with your legitimate mobile authenticator is to use Fiddler to decrypt the packets as you first set up the mobile authentication. I assume you could do the same thing in an Android emulator, with Fiddler, Wireshark, or some other packet manager.

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