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How to check if an item is duped on marketplace.tf?


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you cant, long time ago there were items IDs next to item you want to buy so you could easy check item history and know if its duped or not. but i dont know why IDs were removed. I made even ticket on marketplace.tf about this but noone answeared. and i made this support ticket like 4th of February lol https://marketplace.tf/support/589605210fd82591738b4567Geel are you there?



Happysedits, it works only with unusuals. but it would be rly helpful if added also to chemistry sets, hats and maybe all items?

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I accidently bought a duped Bills hat and duped Earbuds.

I can't figure out a way to check until it is already bought and in your inventory. I'm honestly upset about it.

That's why I was googling how to do it and saw this. Damn, I guess it is because Backpack tf is so absolutely overwhelmed as it is. 

I can only see updated backpack after like 11 PM when all the little kids are sleeping. Otherwise I can only view fallback.

That site is drowning with traffic it seems.


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