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Server error: dedicated_srv.so missing


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I am running a dedicated tf2 server on Linux. It was working fine till yday and it crashed while changing map. Since then, I am getting the "dedicated_srv.so file missing" error. I checked and the file and it still exists in bin but I am not able to start the server. 

I haven't figured out the exact reasons behind that error but I guess the file got corrupted while updating.


If someone else could provide me the file or a solution, it will be greatly appreciated.

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Remove the file and replace it or put it back in. Maybe that'd work. 

Or the file got updated and therefore needs a reinstall

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First off are you running the server on your own device or are you paying for a server host. The one that I'm an admin on uses a paid server host. So I only have access to the addons and config files. 


Best bet is to setup a second server on your computer and then take the Dedicated_srv from the second one.


Other people seem to have the same issue as you and managed to fix it: https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1221562

The link might help

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Thanks for the replies.



The current file is corrupted, removing and replacing with the same not working.



It is a remote machine and I do have full access to the instance.

Downloading all the files again just to copy a single file gonna take shitloads of time on my slow internet, so can't do that. Also, the link that you provided gives solution on the orangebox issue. It doesn't exist anymore, so that link is not of much help. Thanks anyways!

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