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Opinions on selling backpack for pure


Opionions on selling backpack for pure  

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  1. 1. Should i sell all my valuable items for pure?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Other (please specify in comments)

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What do you think?


Would it be easeier making profit if i would sell my backpack for pure bus/keys?


I want to get into real unusual trading or investing, wouldn't that be much easier with let's say around  7-8 buds pure?


And yeah i mostly want to hear your opinions about it.



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How much would you sell your entire bp for?


Well, backpack.tf values my backpack at 8.31 buds, so let's say i would get 7 out of it, but i will probably sell everything individually to minimize my losses so the number can fluctuate a bit.

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There are plenty of us buyers down the trading subforum. I have an offer worked out that would leave your bud, keys and metal and give you a good pile to start you on your quest.

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Thanks everyone for your replies! I will probably sell my most valuable stuff at my first page to get out a couple of buds from there.


Any good guides/tips or tutorials for "profit trading"?

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I lowball, use trade.tf,


And invest in pyro unusual miscellaneous items.


Thank you based coffin kits, and hazmat.


14 buds profit on a Blizzardy coffin

7 buds profit on a Blizzy hazmat

15.5 on the same blizzy coffin

21 on a vivid hazmat

And now I have a Blizzardy hazmat again. Let zee profit begin again?

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