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Backpack doesn't track/update key count?


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Ive noticed this a few times when I would make a key suggestion. Basically when you look at how many keys there are in the statistics part of the classifieds page, it says there are 917,917 keys. Thing is, its been at that same number for over a month now:

Key count as of February 1st - http://m.imgur.com/dSSDluC


Key count as of March 14th - http://m.imgur.com/bzgkEwU


Is it a problem with the number display or do they just not collect data for keys anymore? Not much of an issue, just curious about it. Thanks.

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From what I can tell Stats.tf is either faulty or on a weak server. When I attempt to view the "Item Statistics" part of the website it loads extremely slowly. Even if it does load it'll crash my browser often.

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