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Scrap tf aka Launder.tf


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So yesterday, I reported an auction on scrap tf since a user known for laundering unusuals from scammers was laundering an unusual. Yet again, he makes another one today. Can scrap tf implement a sort of clearance that if a user is banned on backpack tf or outpost tf, they need to be checked by a competent admin for the ban reason. My report on yesterday's auction was dismissed:



Today's auction:




Geel is a regular on these forums and I've don't see my issue getting addressed fully on scrap tf's forums.

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this really shouldnt be happening, and as happy said the ban system should be like bptf or outpost


ew iphone user :3


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Steamrep will still tag for "systematically working with scammers and actively seeking out scammers to make a cut of stolen money" so if someone is willing to put in the time and put all of the evidence together to make a report I'd imagine there is a pretty good chance that he would get SR banned, this character has been a problem in the community for quite some time and has racked up quite the reputation, he already has a warning after all.




Still don't know why scrap.tf wouldn't take action on their end and instead rely on Steamrep so much, it's obvious that this person is a problem.

The item that they were auctioning yesterday *appeared* clean http://backpack.tf/item/4438062725 though, but this one clearly isn't.

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