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Is there any way to get Super smash bros brawl on dolphin emulator so that I can play it with a gamecube controller?


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Use this to install the drivers that you'll need to use the gamecube controller on our pc, assuming you have an official adapter.

If you have a mayflash adapter, it should work if you flip the switch to pc, but I can't say for sure since I don't have one.

If you don't have either, get one of the two.


As far as using it with brawl and dolphin, install the thing I just linked you to, load up your brawl iso, and play. It's pretty straightforward.


If finding an iso of brawl is your problem, you're on your own. There are tutorials for how to dump it from a disc. And we aren't allowed to tell you where you can find an iso anyway since piracy's against the rules.


Also, Project M >>> brawl.

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