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Expo Unusual Trade Server (Looking for players)


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 Hello! I’m Purps, a representative of the Unusual Expo Trade Server. Recently established, we strive to be an alternative option to other servers such as Vatican City and Firepowered. Being as new as we are, we implore you to visit the server, populate it, and just hang out while you trade! Our staff is active the majority of the day, and there are many fun activities to enjoy throughout the map, including heavy boxing and mini-games like slot machines! We will be doing VIP giveaways when the server becomes populated with active traders/players (VIP will cost 2 keys a month under normal circumstances; bulk deals for extended/lifetime VIP are still being discussed). We have yet to set up bots for VIP purchase, so if you’re interested in buying it, contact the server owner and founder, Walter White (steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/WalterWhiteBrokering/).A full list of commands and plugins will be listed below. Come and check us out!


Server IP:


Steam Group:



Current Map: trade_museum_final






!FP/TP (first person / third person)


/car for bumper cars and /car to exit


/rep [username] for players steam ID's, and Rep.




VIP PERKS!: !warp : The ability to warp to any room/location on the map.


VIP Lounge with a DJ station and a soon to be added youtube plugin for movies/music!


Infinite ammo, Friendly/God mode, Kart me, Custom color chat text, Saxxy/Golden Pan spawn, and soon more to come!






Anti Spawn camp


Fun anti-combat version of !RTD


!PC & !BP (price check @ backpack)


24/7 Halloween/TF2 birthday mode!


Anti-F2p Plugins




!resizetorso [name]


!resizehead [name]


!resizehands [name]

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