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Someone tried to give me 2 keys worth of stuff for a 5 ref item

Sir Sir

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So I was on a trade server, advertising my beard when someone wanted to trade me. He started unloading his inventory which was worth close to 2 keys worth of stuff.


 Me having morals asked him why he was overpaying so much. Come to find out it was the owners younger brother who didn't know prices at all and just liked my beard. Although I am starting to wonder if he was trolling me or that was real.


 Have any of you had something simular happen to you?

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One time someone offered 120 keys worth of decent unusuals for a 60 key one I had trouble selling.

I don't know if the person wasn't aware of their values or if they just really wanted my hat, but I accepted that shit faster than Charlie Sheen can say winning after 3 lines of coke.

They never did add me afterwards, so I'm assuming it was intentional.



Oh yeah and there was that one other time someone sent me a trade offer giving me 20 keys with nothing in return.

I accepted it, waited for him to add me, and gave him aussie knife he meant to include.

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1 time i was doing an auction and this guy thought he was so rich he was bidding with another guy like 50-60 ref over the price, i was selling things like 4 ref for like 50 lol

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add him and give back his item.


that would be my action if i was you,but hey,everyone have different opinions.


one i was given 10 ref~ worth of cards for only 3 ref.I accepted it only to regret it later.I felt like im cheating my way to profit.Thus,I add him and give him the remaining metal.


This scenario happened to me 4 times in my 3 month trading 'career'

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