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New Chair Help!

Eazy Peazy Squeezy Lemons

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So for X-Mas I was given some money and I wanna buy a New Chair because right now my ass hurts! So I have about £80 / $100

Now It's gotta be really comfortable and have a swivel and preferably a rocking function. The best I found as yet is this:


The colour doesn't bother me It's just gotta be comfortable and have high adjustment not those bean bag things

I also wonder what are you guys sitting on? Ma Di...

Please Help! Just spam me with links it's all good!

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I got my chair from a local recycling/second hand place after years of sitting on a wooden chair, it's really nice and was pretty cheap. If you have any nearby i would check.

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Actually, it wont.


You still need to hire a person to stick the chair together.

From Ikea? That flat pack furniture place that gives you a brown cardboard box containing tools, screws and pieces (for the chair) and instructions so you can do it yourself? :P

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