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Any good Honeymoon tips or Prom?


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Was thinking about my life for some time and I thought to myself about asking out a girl who I knew for about 2-3 years to prom or a honeymoon dance because she mostly introduced me to a lot of people and she was I guess my first friend in High school. Problem is that I never been into a school dance or anything related other than mature parties. Since I like talking to older, mature people. So I have that feeling where I might fuck it up because I'm sometimes more of a mature person so not much of those normal basic teenagers, so I feel like I might kind of fuck up small talk.

so if any of you been through prom or a honeymoon dance any good tips for me.


Thanks dear people at Backpack.tf forums

From MrDeepDarkmind

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Give her the D.

Jessica liked it. So it must be good for girls right?

Jokes jessica is no where near a normal girl




You said u might be "too mature" (silly dark) do you know if she ever talks maturely or is she just like a weird wacky teenager talking weirdly? Maybe shes both.


Also do you guys talk a lot?

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