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Favorite Disney villain(s)?

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Disney has created dozens of memorable villain characters over the years. Who is your favorite? Since there are tons of them, really, so for people like me that love Disney, make a top ten list. Give a brief explanation if you want, too. I'm not counting Pixar for my list, but you guys can if you want.


Here is my top ten list, 1 being my favorite. 


1. Scar (The Lion King) What a badass villain. Not much cooler then seeing hundreds of hyenas marching Nazi-style with Jeremy Irons singing in the background. He actually largely succeeds unlike most of these guys, too.


2. Oogie Boogie (The Nightmare Before Christmas) I don't need to explain myself here.


3. Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the Frog) Another badass with a good musical number. He and his friends on the other side are just really cool.


4. Frollo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) Kind of a down-to-earth villain; very conflicted and simple motivation. Good song, to.


5. Ratigan (The Great Mouse Detective) Can't go wrong with Vincent Price. He's so evil that they sing about how the widows and orphans that he's drowned are nothing compared to other things he's done. That's pretty outright evil.


6. Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians) Very sadistic villain here, she's very over-the-top and the idea of skinning over a hundred puppies is pretty bad.


7. Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove) While she does have a pretty evil plan, Yzma's really this high on the list because of how funny she and Kronk are together in the movie.


8. Shere Khan (The Jungle Book) Another pure badass. That voice is so cool.


9. Captain Hook (Peter Pan) His over the top flamboyant yin is perfectly matched by Mr. Smee's bumbling kindish yang. Also has some memorable lines. "A jealous female can be tricked into anything."


10. Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) Gaston is interesting because he's kind of the jock that gets everything he wants. And then when he doesn't get what he wants, he goes from the likely hero into madness. A pretty twisted transformation if you ask me.



What do you guys think?

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Scar was a horrible villain because you're not supposed to like the villain unless it's some weird Swedish drama show.


big bad wolf was best villain because he was evil, mean and scary but never too scary. perfect kids villain (or whatever his english name is. the big, bad wolf that bullies the piggies)


or ursula from the little mermaid

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