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Does anyone know how OPSkins gets its "backpack.tf" prices?

Probably Pie

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I was just looking at OPskins for the first time, and their suggested prices seem to be pulled out of thin air.





Smoking brigade suggested price $118.36 (the link and logo would seem to indicate that the price comes from this site)

http://backpack.tf/stats/Unusual/Brigade%20Helm/Tradable/Craftable/35- $25.82



Abduction Phononaut suggested price: $1022.19

http://backpack.tf/stats/Unusual/Phononaut/Tradable/Craftable/91- $126.97


It seem almost like a borderline scam to me that the website would literally have "backpack.tf suggested price" and then a price that's 5-9x the actual backpack.tf price

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I never use OP skins but I do find this weird. Especially since it falsely advertises the "tf suggested price" I would very much like to know why this is too

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What a site that uses backpack.tf suggested prices, whaattttt this is gotta be fake because this seems another manipulation site that wants people to make profit. I think this site is filled with sharks from the forbidden waters of Steam trading

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Shut your mouth if you don't know stuff...

Opskins is trusted exspecially in CSGO, they also do TF2 apparently. 

The price is probably typical Steamanalyst price = the average of all SCM sales in a period of time. Since SCM does not differ between effects, the price is wrong.


Otherwise it might be an old price or just bullshit

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