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Can someone price this unusual?


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Hey folks, I could use some help


A friend of mine got this demo unusual a bit ago and it's 1/1 I'm pretty sure and he's the unboxer.

HIs link:http://backpack.tf/u/76561198090834512


He wanted to get a price for it, so I said I would do it for him, but honestly I'm new to unusual trading and definitely not experienced enough to price an unpriced unusual.


The unusual is the Dayjogger for demo, effect is steaming and it's 1/1 as far as we know. What do you guys think a good, accurate price range would be. Any and all feedback would be appreciated.


Thanks for your time, and have a good one!

P.S. (Did I put this post in the right section?)

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There's no recent sales on it so it's actual price can't be determined on Backpack.tf until he sells it. I can see it fetching 25-30 keys in mixed/unusuals. Maybe 20-25 in pure.

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