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Show killstreaked items on the stats page of items

SHDW thealexander152

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Really frustrating that killstreaked items actually do not show on the stats page. I have had multiple items sell where I had a killstreaked and non killstreaked version up for sale at the same price, and people chose the non-killstreaked one because it was under the stats page.


An example of this is




The lowest seller is a killstreaked and is actually lower than the non-killstreaked, but isn't displayed on the stats page. Honestly thinking about just restoring items to not have a killstreak if this doesn't change because it's so much easier to sell them.

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This screws up buy orders :/

I meant this primarily for sell orders, I can see why you wouldn't want it for buy orders. But it's really kinda dumb that a killstreaked one selling for less than a standard one is not listed.

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