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When searching, limit of how many the items cost


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for example today this guy asked me for items worth 2 ref, but i had none for sale xD so I wanted to send him link for people selling hats for 2 ref,



the link http://backpack.tf/classifieds?tradable=1&australium=-1&class=scout%2Csoldier%2Cpyro%2Cdemoman%2Cheavy%2Cengineer%2Cmedic%2Csniper%2Cspy&slot=misc&quality=1%2C13%2C6%2C3&sort=bump 


my idea is to add filter max ref, minimum ref, so i could send him sellers for 2 ref only, not 13 ref, not 1 ref, just 2 ref

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Looks like he wanted free stuff.

no, his 2 ref for some of my hat but i had none for sale so idk why he added me in first please, welp, bp.tf needs brazilian language i guess

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