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In need of a creative mind and ideas


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This is the only forum I thought is fitting for this topic.


As you may or may not, probably you don't, I am an entry/beginner level C# Programming "student".

However, I haven't really done anything in a while, and I need some ideas to get me going.


I was wondering if anyone had any program ideas for me to make? (Eample "Easy" Ideas on my level are Dice rolls)

I just need some ideas to get in some more practice, because I have no ideas of my own.


Keep in mind I can't do anything that difficult or intermediate, and I can't work with databases.

Feel free to request a link to the program after I finish.

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Make a simple game in a game engine of choice (Unity supports C#) and expand upon it as you become more comfortable with coding.

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Make some utility programs for card/board games you play. For example, a life point tracker for Yu-Gi-Oh.

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