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Could these 2 hats sell for Backpack.tf price in pure?


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I recently picked up a clean Burning Flames Ground Control for the Soldier and I updated the price to 235 as well. Could this hat sell for pure keys? It is a very high tier first gen effect on a high tier Soldier hat.


I may be trading it with some other unusuals for a clean Scorching Flames Coldsnap Cap for all classes. Could that sell for ~400 keys in pure? Again a high tier first gen effect on a very rare all class hat.


Thanks guys!

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I've had that exact coldsnap a while ago, November 2015, and I sold it within 2 weeks to a friend of mine for about 300 pure. I also helped my friend sell his Beams one for the same amount. Take it with a grain of salt though, as the guy I sold it to was a friend. Otherwise, can say I'd vouch for it as I got some decent offers and loved the hat in general. Works for some great combos too and my one says it all <3

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